About Me

I’m Raghu Rajagopalan - husband, father and geek. Caught the programming bug early and have been coding ever since - started with GWBasic, C, C+, VB6/COM/COM/DCOM, perl, Java, JEE, Spring, Python, .NET, Azure, C#, Spring Boot and a bunch of other languages /platforms that I’ve picked up along the way (and probably forgotten too:))

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Professionally, work centers around building (or consulting on) highly scalable and performant systems/services. I lead a small team of senior engineers focused on IP generation.

I’m also an agile/devops practitioner & TDD enthusiast and always a developer!

Outside work, my side projects are mostly to either learn something or scratch an itch - or both. Almost all of it is on my github

I’m a Linux & Open source enthusiast - everything other than my work computer runs Linux - that includes many computers, routers, phones and even a Canon camera :).

Interests: Books, technology, programming, physics, python, data structures, algorithms, Vim, Emacs, Eclipse, Android, Java..


This is a personal weblog. The opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of my employer.